Spring Fashion Show hits the runway


Hello Fashionistas! Well it’s that time of year again……..Spring Fashion Show time that is ūüôā We are so excited to present all of our spring looks. Our store is packed to the max with tons of cute trends and all the hype straight from L.A.¬†

The week before the fashion show is always super busy and full of last minute touches. In other words ALL HANDS ON DECK! We have all been working together to make sure outfits are labeled for each model and curtains for the stage are steamed; all while keeping the boutique running as usual for our customers. 

Jules Boutique has been bringing fashion to the small town of Goshen, Indiana for over 10 years. Owner Julie Freshour’s work is endless and it all pays off she says when an event like the fashion show comes together. She is always in and out of the store on my shift and pulling all-nighters after the boutique closes to do a quick store swap for a new look. I can’t tell you how many customers come in after one of Julie’s all-nighters ¬†and comment on how they were just in a week ago and the store looks completely different.¬†

Julie is always saying how she likes doing store swaps to keep the boutique fresh, “if I lose the love for design I don’t think the store would be the same.”

With an ever evolving store inventory, we have seen our customer base grow and new people are always discovering the little treasure in downtown Goshen that is Jules Boutique! Helping to promote the boutique, seasonal fashion shows bring in new and loyal customers. We partner up with Salon J and Bethza Professional Makeup Studio to cover all the bases……..hair, makeup and fashion!¬†

Tonight’s event will be sure to get Jules noticed ūüôā We have a great lineup of looks for all the latest spring styles paired with great hair and makeup. Come see us at 7pm tonight at Bosco’s Place, 117 S. 5th St in Goshen. Bring $5 to the door to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Goshen and enjoy 20% off the entire store after the show.

Come out and see us! 



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Jackie Sharpley talks fashion, Jules style

Hello, fashionistas!

At the last Jules Boutique Fashion Show we announced that we would be showcasing an audience member in a special blog feature before the next show. Former Miss Indiana, Jackie Sharpley (Jerlecki), was announced in the fall as our winner. As the holiday season is rolling in, so is our Holiday Fashion Show ūüôā Lots of new trends to be modeled!

Being in front of the camera and featured in the limelight was nothing new for Sharpley. Her charisma was contagious and her photogenic nature made her the perfect candidate to be our featured blog celeb! The second her makeup and hair were finished and she slipped into her Miss Me jeans, the former pageant girl came back to life. 




Just look at how photogenic she is ūüôā ¬†



Look at Jackie rockin’ a signature Jules look with Miss Me Jeans, booties, and a “Coffee Over Tea” poncho cardigan layered on top of a “Lovely in Leopard” cardigan for a chic fall or winter outfit!


Jackie adds to her look with a signature bubble necklace to make her leopard cardigan really POP!


Can’t wait wait to see great looks like these tonight as the Jules Holiday Fashion Show brings the latest trends to Goshen! Thanks to Jackie for her awesome personality and willingness to model our looks!

With Love,




Fall in love with fall <3

Good Evening Dolls!

As the warm weather fades away, the best way to turn that¬†frown upside down is to fall in love with fall! Looking good¬†always¬†brings that summer glow back and it’s so much easier getting out of bed when you have a fun new outfit to wear!¬†¬† The amazing Molly Schaar, of GMKB Memories, was our guest photographer! We asked the lovely: Karlie, Ashley & Danielle to be our models and we had SO.¬† MUCH.¬† FUN!

Check out this super fun session and the full Jules looks we created for fall! ūüôā

jules8    jules7

jules6 jules5

jules4 jules3

jules2 jules1 jules

Get into Jules asap to pick up your newest fall threads!!

Visit www.GMKBmemories.com to book your next session with Molly!!

XOXO Dolls!


Miss Me, Baby!!!

Happy Monday Dolls!!

Julie is getting ready for yet another buying trip to LA (lucky duck) so she can keep her fashionable customers in the most stylish digs. I will definitely keep you posted on her trip and let you know when you can get on the website or come into the store so you can keep your closet looking fresh.

I decided to dedicate this blog to our favorite brand of jeans and the hottest item that we have in the store and on the website since Julie’s last buying trip!

The talented, extremely sweet, patient and hilarious Jenn Micuda of Jennifer Photography was our guest photog on this shoot! Jenn’s PICs for the day: Kenzie Anderson & Keaonna Clopton. I would recommend these models to anyone that is looking for a versatile person who can literally go from fierce B girls to the GND (Girl Next Door) vibe in a snap of a finger. I have been avoiding being in the pics for the more recent blogs because I am pregnant (12 weeks today!) and not even trying to be in the same image as the smoking hotties I have had modeling for the blog, however, I did sneak in a few with these girls because I absolutely adore them and couldn’t resist. ūüôā



1291169_161640550702857_1532116354_n      1290070_161543807379198_1495957930_n


1241409_161544750712437_1598759533_n       1148013_161543854045860_1578659592_n

1208912_161640554036190_21543295_n     1241549_161543814045864_1720797520_n


1174410_161543840712528_1882776444_n    1082279_161543784045867_1412839808_n



… and a few BTS shots ūüôā

1291302_161649850701927_1068593370_n     1208797_161543830712529_1278199132_n



ATTENTION JULES LOVERS:   The Jules website is up an running!!!!!! Visit  http://jules-boutique.com/ to peep our digs!

More of¬†Jenn’s photography can be found at https://www.facebook.com/jenniferphotgraphy

XOXO dolls,




Mud Pie Line <3

Good Afternoon Dolls!!

A Jules fan recently asked if we could showcase the fabulous girls clothing we have available by Mud Pie.   Since I have recently dabbled into photography, I threw this shoot together and decided to photograph this blog myself.

The gorgeous Zoe & Aurora were my little models and we had so much fun- they are definitely naturals! ‚̧


Aurora (left) is wearing the adorable fishy¬†top and skirt set with crochet detailing.¬†¬† Zoe (right) is hosting this tea party in this wickedly cute light pink shirt and pant set that is full of fabulous ruffles.¬† Let’s be honest… what’s a tea party without ruffles?






For their next outfits (it was a tea party …. 2 outfits should be a minimum. :))¬†I choose this very girly polka dot top with yellow ruffle detailing for Aurora, and a very sassy black with yellow polka dot set for Zoe.





ATTENTION JULES LOVERS:   The Jules website is up an running!!!!!! Visit  http://jules-boutique.com/ to peep our digs!

More of my photography can be found at https://www.facebook.com/samadkinsphotography

XOXO dolls,




Whimsical Wanderlust

Happy Tuesday Dolls!

I have been feeling a bit under the weather, so my two gorgeous friends, Jena & Olivia, did this week’s shoot without me.¬† Susie Eakle, of Susie’s Photography, was our guest photographer and she captured EXACTLY what I wanted and I wasn’t even there to direct!¬†¬† The pictures speak for themselves, but she is amazing and I am beyond thankful that she was able to photograph! ūüôā

I picked out theses dresses from Jules with a different idea in mind for the blog.¬†¬† I didn’t want to do an editorial piece, like I generally do.¬†¬†A look book -esque shoot, is something that I really¬†wanted¬†to¬†create¬†and these amazing, delicate, white dresses from Jules were perfect for my theme: Whimsical Wanderlust.

(Wanderlust: strong longing for or impulse toward wandering)

Enjoy the magic that is: Jules Boutique, Susie Eakle, Jena Moore, and Olivia Raber¬†….



juhls-8   juhls-9



juhls-16  juhls-21




¬†¬†¬†….. perfection.¬†

ATTENTION JULES LOVERS:   Our Jules website will be up and running very soon!!!  http://jules-boutique.com/

Until then… make sure you peep the new threads at: ¬†https://www.facebook.com/ShopJulesB/info

Contact Susie Eakle of Susie’s Photography for all your upcoming shoots!¬† https://www.facebook.com/pages/Susies-Photography/183418265071731

xoxo dolls,


Work Attire Woes?

Happy Monday dolls!!

Since Mondays are generally accompanied with:¬†1 (or 3) nonfat chai latte’s, mismatched socks, and a frown face on all early morning txt responses to your girlfriends- I decided to not only post a blog today, but to post one on what to wear to work.¬†¬†¬† My gorgeous friend, Jenna, told me that this would be a topic she would be interested in- since it is so hard to get motivated in the morning to even look presentable and I agreed!

Jenna & I took a quick drive to Jules and picked out pieces that would go perfectly with our workplace and make us feel like actual professionals!  After we found some threads, there was a heavenly noise (ahhhhhhhhhhhh) that appeared in my inbox as I was told the (insert every and all adjectives for RAD) Adina of Thistle & Lace Photography was willing to shoot this blog for us.   Adina + Jules clothing +2 of my pretty friends + and sick location = heaven.    Enjoy.



For my first outfit, I went with a silk sleeveless stripped blouse (from Jules), blank skinny pants and some comfy flats.


For Jenna, we picked black leggings, a GORGEOUS coral tunic, bubble jewelry (ALL FROM JULES!! :)), and sandals.   This could work in some offices as a M-Th look, or maybe just keep this in mind for your casual Friday wear.


Kelsi is wearing this amazing 3/4 blouse from Jules, paired with gray skinnies  and heels! Love this look & love her!



Note: this is an actual image & Adina is an angel.¬†¬† I literally *gasped* when I saw this!¬† Additional note: That water tower had the word “shitballs” written across it; not even the rebels of Northern Indiana could rain on our parade. ūüôā


And for our next outfits ….



I paired my wickedly cute white sleeveless blouse (with gold neckline accents) from Jules with a pair of high-waisted trousers, pointed heels and this gnarly bright red bag from Jules!


We put the stunning Jenna in this thin, chevron-esque blouse that she had in her own personal wardrobe, with a pair of these amazingly comfy black pants from Jules!  SO simple, SO chic!!


The beautiful Kelsi is wearing a stripped maxi from Jules with a black blazer.  This outfit is a perfect transition from Summer to Fall and pairing it with heels or sandals is great way to dress it up for a meeting or play it down for Fridays.



Exciting news for all the Jules Boutique fans out there:  the store is completely stocked right now- so get out there and pick up your favorite threads before they are all gone!!! https://www.facebook.com/ShopJulesB

Check out the rest of Adina’s photog skills & book your¬†fall sessions asap!!! ¬†https://www.facebook.com/ThistleandLaceportraits

Is there something you would like featured on an upcoming blog? Shoot me a message https://www.facebook.com/sami.hamood.9


XOXO Dolls,






Hello Dolls!

Julie just got back from a buying trip in LA and she picked out some of the gnarliest¬†threads I have ever seen!! Think: Free People meets¬†Tilly’s¬†and they got married and went to an amazing music festival in the Nevada desert….too much? ūüôā¬†¬† For this blog I’m going to stop talking and just let you peep these rad outfits for yourself.

Special thanks to the insanely gorgeous Krista and Phyllis for being models and one of the most talented photogs (and friend) I know…. Sherman Orendorf of Orendorf Photography!

   jules9jules8jules7jules6       jules3 jules5                                                                                         jules4 jules1jules2

Make sure you drop by Jules asap to grab these sweet threads before they’re all gone!!


To check out more of¬†Sherman’s¬†amazing work:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† https://www.facebook.com/orendorfphotography¬†¬†¬†¬†& ¬†www.orendorfphotography.com




Good Morning Dolls! First of all, let me express my gratitude to the amazing Jason Bryant, for taking the time to photograph me in his sweet new digs last night.

Stripes are such a staple for summer fashion. They can take the simplest outfit and give it a unique vibe, especially when pairing them with something completely unexpected- like my first outfit. I call my first look: Boho Stripes. Pairing a simple maxi dress with an oversized striped top, like this one from Jules Boutique, will give you the boho vibe, without looking like you are going as Janis Joplin for Halloween. Pair this look with some booties, long necklaces and a braided crown and you’re ready to head anywhere from the dog park to dinner.

BS bs4



Cover-up crisis!!!!! Deciding what to wear over swimwear usually consists of what pair of soffe shorts are on the top of the pile, but it doesn’t have to be time consuming to look put together .. like you didn’t just come from cheer practice. ūüôā Taking this Jules tunic and pairing it with a floppy hat (what girl shouldn’t have one?) , some bangles and a good pair of sandals and boom… there’s that sophisticated woman we know and love!


For my last outfit I decided on this wicked comfortable maxi (that had an edge of sexiness- with a side slit) from Jules Boutique! Wearing lots of jewelry and a head wrap, like this gnarly one from Free People, will turn that simple maxi into a outfit that can take you from day to night.



Exciting news for all the Jules Boutique fans out there: Julie just got back from her buying trip in LA and will have the store filled with hot new threads in the next two weeks!!! Be sure to check out Jules Boutique online and Jason Bryant for all your photography needs!!




XOXO Dolls,

– Sam

Cosmo Collection

Since my last blog, I have decided to incorporate the skills of an actual photographer (Sorry Joe, your¬†picture-taking¬†ability is not as on point as you might think :)). The amazing Grant Beachy,¬†of Electric Angel Photography, was kind enough to offer his services for the evening.¬†¬†In addition to Grant’s help, I was able to shoot with my GORGEOUS¬†girlfriends- Jena & Olivia.

This fashion guide is all about what to wear from Martini Thursdays (Bar Louie has a $5 special and Drew makes a wicked Dirty :)) to Saturday nights out with your dolls.¬†¬†‚̧

Jules Boutique blog1-0780

(From left to right)

The STUNNING Olivia is wearing a cutout sheer tank from Jules, paired¬†with¬†some¬†gnarly leggings¬†and a pop of color with her Jules accessories!¬†¬† Perfection is summed up in Jena, not only with her flawless …everything… but her outfit is the definition of rock chic and I’m definitely digging it…. HARD.¬†¬† Jena paired her rock and roll fringe tank from Jules with some animal friendly leather shorts.¬†ūüôā¬†¬†If you know me, this outfit should not come as a surprise.¬†¬† Boho is my life and girls nights out are no exception (even when my¬†friends beg me¬†to leave the flower crown behind).¬† I picked up these wicked comfortable skinny jeans from Jules and threw on a lace crop top for texture.

Jules Boutique blog1-1011 Jules Boutique blog1-0843

Jules Boutique blog1-0793

Jules Boutique blog1-0721 Jules Boutique blog1-0691 Jules Boutique blog1-0875

Jules Boutique blog1-0800

Jules Boutique blog1-0953Jules Boutique blog1-0834     Jules Boutique blog1-0839 Jules Boutique blog1-0888 Jules Boutique blog1-0872 Jules Boutique blog1-0865 Jules Boutique blog1-1019

‘They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but
friendships never go out of style.’¬† -The one..the only……. CB. ‚̧

Please be sure to check out Jules Facebook page for all the cute new items that will be in the store in the upcoming weeks and Electric Angel Photography!



XOXO dolls,